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How To Upgrade Your Hunting Gear For The Modern Age

Hunting is as primitive as it comes, but modern technology can still lend a hand to getting the big catch. While shopping for hunting supplies, there are multiple ways you can upgrade your hunting gear and take advantage of modern technology.

The following types of products can help with all types of hunting, including deer, birds, and wild predators.

Electronic Callers

Our own voices and pitches can only do so much to match the real call of a wild animal. Instead of using old whistles, you can upgrade your hunting arsenal with an electronic caller. Not only can a caller help recreate the high-pitched sounds of animals, but they have several advantages. A single electronic caller can be used for a variety of animals and multiple species.

For example, if you're hunting birds, you can set the calls to geese, wild turkey, or duck as needed. Along with each specific species, you can set even more sounds including different genders of the animals. This will give you the most accurate calls and help pinpoint the exact animal you're looking for.

Helmet Cameras

Tree cameras are great for capturing natural video of wild animals like deer, but you can capture all of your hunting action by wearing a helmet or body camera. Newer technology gives you the ability to view the footage in HD and can be easily uploaded to a computer.

Helmet cams from places like Chauncey's Pawn & Gun can capture shots as you take them, animal encounters, and the precision in which you hunt. By studying the footage, you have the ability to make strategic changes for your future hunting trips.

Electric Feeders

Help draw animals to your ideal hunting area by using electronic feeders. While the use of feeders is not new, there are many upgrades that can help improve their use.

  • Motion Detection: Motion detectors on the feeders can open when an animal is nearby. This can help the food in the feeder last as long as possible. Weather like rain or snow will not spoil the food.
  • Solar Power: A solar panel built on a feeder can provide you with unlimited power. This can prevent disturbing the feeder to change batteries and will also help the environment by relying on the solar power instead of other forms.
  • Feed Spitters: Instead of having an animal eat directly from the feeder, a spitter can disperse the food to the nearby area. This can help draw scents to wider locations and help more animals eat from the same general area.

App Downloads

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a hunting assistant. There are a variety of app downloads that will help with your hunting.

  • GPS Trackers: Use tracking maps to find out visual details of your hunting locations. This is ideal if you decide to leave your hunting stand and try out various locations.
  • Fitness Apps: Hunting can help you get in shape. By integrating fitness apps into your hunting trip, you can see how far you've traveled and the calories you've burned during the trip.
  • Animal Sound Boards: Along with electronic callers, app downloads can feature a variety of animal sounds. The speaker on your device can play the sounds as loud as needed.
  • Hunter Social Media Apps: A variety of apps cater to hunters that can connect with other hunters. This gives you the ability to share videos, photos, and forum posts about your hunting experiences. Learn about new locations and the best areas to hunt at.
  • Digital Journals: Hunting journal apps allow you to log all of your hunting experiences. This can be used for personal tracking or to help study and find the best areas. Apps like these use map integration to help point out your favorite hunting areas.

It may take a few trips to get used to these upgraded changes, but they can make a huge difference on your next hunting trip.