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Picking Mailbox Name Tags In Compliance With USPS Guidelines

Mailbox name tags are not mandated by the United States Postal Service or the USPS policy for customer delivery, but they are a helpful consideration. Mailbox labeling helps mail carriers, other package handlers, guests and emergency services locate a home more quickly and can also lend additional aesthetic appeal to a mailbox. When selecting name tags, personal preference is the best guide, but there are some USPS guidelines regarding mailboxes to keep in mind.

Plate content and size

USPS policy dictates a mailbox should bear, at a minimum, a box number or house number for expediting delivery. The house number must be at least one inch tall and easily visible as the carrier approaches. While using a name is not required, it is allowed by USPS, and specific sizing is not recommended. However, from a visual perspective, a nameplate with letters at least as high as any address markings would provide consistency. While ordering a nameplate, ordering a coordinating address plate can further promote a unified appearance. 

Plate size is not regulated, but it's important to consider how it impacts the function of the mailbox when making a determination of height, width, and depth. For example, a mailbox door needs to open and close freely, so a plate that impeded this process could trigger a complaint or lead to wet or damaged mail in a storm. Similarly, the flag on a mailbox should function if mail is being left in the box for carrier pickup. A tag on the flag side should be thin enough to have easy clearance for raising and lowering the flag.

For businesses, a custom name plate is also a good investment. However, it's important to remember direct advertising is not allowed on USPS mailboxes or posts, so the tag should stick to the name only and not feature promotional taglines or other content.

Design choices

While the postal service regulates various size details about a mailbox, such as the distance it is located from the curb and height, these rules are to streamline letter delivery as a carrier can make a few hundred or more stops per day. Unless a design choice specifically ignores a regulation, a mailbox can be entirely custom and many are. From tractors and cars to batteries and planes, there are a lot of unique options. 

Tags can be equally unique to fit the overall look of a custom mailbox or picked to add a bit of flair to a more standard unit. Personalized mailbox name tags are available in wood, plastic, and metal with a variety of finishes, such as gold, copper, silver, or brass. After choosing the tag material, pick an easy-to-read lettering style that fits personal preferences and a color that contrasts well with the base for improved visibility.

For more information, contact a company offering mailbox name tags.