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Planning A Cruise? 3 Footwear Options For Your Spring Break Cruise You Shouldn't Forget

With spring quickly approaching, you may be in the process of planning your spring break getaway. From a Florida beach vacation to an exotic trip abroad, spring break can be incredibly exciting. While there are so many different travel options available, an all-inclusive cruise may be ideal.

If you are considering a cruise for your upcoming spring break, you may find the packing process overwhelming. Clothing, accessories, toiletries, and accessories are obvious for items to pack for women, but this guide will help you choose the right footwear, like from Alegria shoe shop, for a memorable cruise.

Simply Sandals

Most women own a pair of sandals, but your cruise vacation will require multiple pairs to wear during different occasions and events. Since each cruise line offers different amenities on board, you should utilize the information for packing your specific style of sandals. In most cases, you will need the following for your spring break cruise:

  • Flip Flops – Flip flop style sandals are available in a variety of colors and materials and are easy to pack in a small bag or suitcase. Wear these simple sandals down to the pool or hot tub, but also throw them on when heading down to the ship's on-board spa for a pedicure or massage.
  • Casual – You should take advantage of the different shows, games, shopping, and events while on your cruise vacation. While flip flop sandals are sufficient, wearing a pair of casual sandals helps accessorize your outfit. Display your personal style with a pair of leather sandals in a bright, bold coral color. Or, opt for a sleek pair of beaded gladiator sandals.

Formal Footwear

The majority of cruise vacations offer a large array of formal dining and entertainment options. Formal dinners in the grand ballroom, casino gambling, dancing with other guests, and comedy or musical shows are commonly found on most cruise liners. In many cases, these events require a certain level of dress you must prepare for.

When packing, be sure to include one or more pairs of heels to wear to the formal events. A traditional pair of black, strappy heels are always a good option. In addition, choose a fun pair of high heels in a vibrant shade for spring.

Wildly Adventurous

When packing, most women do not forget their sandals and dressy shoes for dancing the night away. However, you may not be packing sufficient footwear for your shore excursions.

After booking your spring break cruise, you have the option of scheduling excursions at designated port locations. Historical tours, treks through the wilderness, water sports and adventures, and even zip lining through the rainforest are all popular shore excursions for cruise vacationers. While the type of excursion available depends on your specific cruise and port location, casual sandals or formal footwear are not ideal.

Consider the following tips when choosing footwear for your shore excursions:

  • Hiking – Whether you are booking an actual hike or bike-trekking through the forest, a sturdy pair of hiking boots or rugged shoes will be necessary. Hiking shoes not only offer support for your feet, but also offer a rugged grip for climbing and walking across tough terrain.
  • Walking – Touring a city or visiting multiple historical destinations while on a shore excursion can be painful when wearing standard shoes. Be sure to pack a good pair of walking shoes to see destinations in a comfortable manner.
  • Water – Snorkeling, surfing, boating, or swimming with dolphins are all exciting options for spring break, but they require long periods of time in the water. Swim shoes may not be the most appealing footwear choice, but they can protect your feet from bacteria and excessive exposure to  water and the sun. It is also smart to bring a pair of flip flops along so you can change into dry footwear.

Planning your upcoming cruise vacation was an easy task, but packing may pose some trouble. Using this guide, you will have the necessary footwear for a safe, stylish, and comfortable cruise.