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5 Photography Tips For Ordering A Custom Bobblehead

Custom bobbleheads are unique creations that feature the likeness of yourself or a loved one on top of multiple bodies and creations. The best part of receiving a custom bobblehead is the accuracy of the likeness that is being created. When ordering these personalized bobbleheads, the process is completed using a set of four images. Without accurate pictures, the bobblehead will not come out the way the person looks.

Instead of retaking photos or supplying alternate angles, you can follow these five tips to get the best photos possible. With these images, your bobblehead will come out accurate and true to life.


As you prepare pictures for the bobblehead, lighting is one of the most important factors. The pictures should be straightforward and and as evenly lit as possible. The following lighting settings are important to consider as you take the images.

  • Disabling Flash: Turn off the flash. Not only can create false red eye, but the flash often creates a harsh lighting that impacts shadows and skin tones.
  • Natural Lighting: The best pictures will use natural lighting. A few hours before the sun sets is typically the best lighting conditions. Position yourself between the sun and subject. This will illuminate their face and showcase their features clearly.
  • Hats & Headgear: Hats can create shadows over a person's forehead and face. Even if a person is going to wear a hat for the bobblehead, the hat should be removed for the image. The hat can be added through the custom order.

Image Pose

The pose that you have for the image should be straightforward. Selfie images often have an upward angle on them. To create the most accurate bobblehead, the images should be on the same plane. If possible, it's a good idea to set up a tripod and capture each shot. It will make it easy to set up and match the frame for the additional pictures that need to be taken.


The outfit that your bobblehead wears can be almost anything and selected through the order form. This does not mean you have to wear the outfits for the photos. The photos are merely used to capture the face. This is why when you are capturing the face pictures, you should avoid wearing bold colors that can reflect onto your skin.

For example, if you wear a bright red t-shirt, you could reflect red onto your face. This will give your skin an unnatural tone in the images. Wear white or black outfits if possible.


When you are planning the image, it's important to decide whether you are smiling with your mouth open or shut. This is important to bobblehead creation process. To help keep the bobblehead accurate, it's important to choose a natural smile. Think of the images as a photo for an ID.

If you choose to have your mouth open for the front-facing image, then you need to repeat that same smile for the side images. This will help accurately shape your cheeks and dimples for the crafting of the bobblehead.

Image Uploading

Before uploading, there are a few processes you can complete to make everything go as smooth as possible. This will help prevent any questions or delays.

  • Image Cropping: Crop each shot to include just the head. This makes it easy for the artist to download the photo and focus on just the face that they will create.
  • File Type: Check out the bobblehead website to find out what their preferred file type is. By converting the image to this file, you can help speed up the process.
  • Image Size: Ensure that the image file size is around 1 megabyte. This size has plenty of resolution for the bobblehead artist to see all of your details and make a great creation.

By sticking with these basics, you can get the most out of your custom bobblehead creation from a company like Webobble!