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6 Common Household Items You Can Plant Flowers In

It can be a problem when you want flowers in planters around your home but you can't afford to spend a fortune on the flower pots. The good thing is that you don't have to. There are many common household items that you can turn into unique flower pots and planters. It will give your home a personalized appearance and make a statement while saving money. Here are some everyday items you probably never thought about planting flowers in.

Food cans

If you eat canned vegetables, pasta, or any other canned foods, save your cans after you open them. They make perfect flower pots. They're thin enough to poke holes in the bottom, but sturdy enough to hold your flowers. Make holes in the bottom of your cans using a scratch awl and a hammer so the water can drain. Next, spray paint your cans any colors you would like. After that, they're ready for planting. Simply put in some potting soil and flowers and set them around the inside or outside of your home.

Wicker baskets

If you have some old wicker baskets sitting around that you never use, plant some flowers in them. They're perfect for planting because they'll hold soil while naturally allowing water to drain out. Keep them as-is, or spray paint them a fun color. Other than that, they take no preparation. Simply fill with potting soil and plant your favorite flowers.


Teacups are the perfect thing to use when planting an herb garden. They're small and you can place them around your kitchen as décor, where you can snip off herbs while you cook. While it's completely optional, hot gluing the teacup to the saucer will give it more stability. You don't need to do anything else to them. Plant your favorite herbs in the teacups and put them on a shelf in your kitchen.

*Note* Since you can't do anything for drainage, be sure to water them minimally. If the teacups are big enough, put a small handful of rocks in before the soil to assist with drainage.

Hanging shoe organizer

A cloth hanging shoe organizer is another great way to plant an herb garden. If you use a lot of herbs, it will give you everything you want without having to use several planters. The cloth will allow the water to drain out while holding in the soil and herbs. Simply nail your shoe hanger to the fence, siding, porch, or any other place you would like to hang it.

Next, fill the pouches with top soil and plant your herbs in the pouches. Label your pouches by marking the name of the herbs on some scrap fabric and safety pinning it to each pouch.

Rain boots

Using rain boots as planters is a fun spring project. Buy some cheap, fun colored rain boots, or use some old ones lying around the house. You can set them in front of your door, in your yard, or even hang them from your fence. Once you have decided where you want to hang them, you need to make some holes in the bottom of the boots for drainage. Using a drill will get holes into the rubber. If you can't get holes poked, fill the feet with rocks. Next, fill the boots with dirt, and add flowers of your choice.

Flip flops & coffee cups

If you love the beach look, this one will be a lot of fun for you. Simply nail flip flops in your wall, fence, or wherever you want to hang them. Nail them by the heel so the toes are pointed downward. Plant flowers in small coffee cups. Put coffee cups in the flip flop straps to hold them in place.

All of these fun flower planting ideas can be done with common household items that you already have or can purchase for a few dollars. It will make your home look unique while allowing you to plant all of the flowers you want.