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4 Coins You Can Do A Lot More With Than Store In A Protective Sleeve

Are you a coin aficionado? Do you ever wish you could do more with your coins than pull them out of their protective sleeves, look at them, and then place them back in their precious holding spot? If so, check out the below 4 coins and the crazy things you can do with them.

Freshen The Air With A Palau $5 Piece

Each year from 2009 to 2011, the Republic of Palau issued a new $5 coin that, when rubbed vigorously with a finger, emitted a unique scent. The 2009 pieces give off the odor of coconut, the 2010 pieces smell of sea breeze, and the 2011 pieces fill the air with the aroma of incense. 

All of the coins in the scents of paradise collection have the Palau coat of arms on their obverse sides and a silver content of .925.

It may take a while to find one of these unique, aromatic coins, though, considering there were only 2500 of each made.

Tell The Time With A Liberian Sundial Coin

The Liberian "time is money" sundial coin is rated 97 out of 100 on's rarity scale. The obverse side of the piece is adorned with the Liberian coat of arms, while the reverse side hosts a functioning sundial with a detachable arm. When not in use, the arm fits snugly into the face of the coin. 

The sundial coin has a face value of $10 and a .925 silver content. These unique, time-telling pieces are uncirculated and were stamped for only a single year (2004). 

Light A Dark Room With A Canadian Quarter

Thanks to the Royal Canadian Mint, you can now admire your coin collection even in the darkest of rooms. These 2012, 25 cent face value coins have an image of Queen Elizabeth II on their obverse side and are significantly larger than a standard quarter.

The reverse sides of the coins show a dinosaur that was discovered in Canada in 1972. When you take one of these coins into a dark room, a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton vividly appears. The luminescence of the dinosaur won't fade over time, either. The glowing, dino coins are made from cupronickel and are slightly more obtainable than the previous items on this list, with 25,000 having been minted.

Challenge A Friend With A Palau Game Coin

You may have not thought it possible, but coin collecting just got funner. These 7 inch diameter coins come from the Island of Palau. They weigh over a pound and their obverse sides are stamped with the Palau emblem. On the reverse side is a fully-functioning pirate treasure hunt game!

The coin comes in a satchel along with 2 game tokens and a single die. The game board side of the coin has 50 steps that players must cross in order to reach the pirate treasure. The rules are simple; a player rolls the die and moves forward the number of steps indicated on it. If you encounter a shark or kraken while playing with this game coin, you can expect to have to move back a few paces.

The coin has a $5 face value, is made from a copper-zinc alloy, and has an antique finish. As of yet, no mint limit has been set on these coins so be sure to grab one up while they're still in production.

If you're an avid coin enthusiast, you can do more than just admire your coins. Expand your collection with the above 4 unusual pieces and you'll have a multi-functional coin collection that even the most seasoned of numismatists will be able to appreciate. Continue here for even more about this topic.