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Flooring Options For Easy Maintenance

Your flooring is an important part of your home's interior décor. It can serve as a basis for decorating the rest of your home. But beyond its aesthetic appeal, you need a floor that is hassle-free and easy to maintain.

Below, you can look at a few flooring options and how easy or difficult they are to maintain.

Ceramic Floors

These are made from a mixture of clay and other materials. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

They are often glazed and, therefore, impervious to water. This makes them easy to maintain, as water and dirt remain on the surface. You can sweep, vacuum, or mop them, without any worries.

On the downside, they tend to be a bit cold. To counter this, you can place rugs strategically around the house.

Vinyl Sheets or Tiles

Just like plastic, they are impervious, lightweight, easy to clean, and stain free. You can clean them by sweeping or mopping.

However, they emit traces of toxins in the period following installation, but this will fade away with time.

Natural stone

Stone is durable, hard, and easy to clean. Some types of stone, such as sandstone, are porous and can easily get stained. They will need sealing from time to time.

Slate, limestone, and granite are the easiest to maintain. Polished marble is classy and elegant but prone to scratches. It is ideal for low traffic areas such as bedrooms.


Wood is popular for its warmth and style. All you need to keep it in good shape is dusting and vacuuming. Avoid wet-mopping, at all costs. If well maintained, it will last for years.

Natural wear and tear will eventually begin to show. A good sanding and finishing can keep it going for decades.

Laminate Floor

Laminate floors offer a good balance between beauty and durability. They imitate wood or stone, but with a thin layer that protects them from stains and water.

Unfortunately, laminate floors can be damaged by water. Over time, the protective layer will wear away, leaving the surface unprotected. They will need to be replaced more often than other floors.


This is another durable material that is easy to clean and maintain. It can go for many years without needing any maintenance. If you don't like its cold, industrial look, you can spruce it up with color or patterns of your choice.

When it comes to flooring, you are spoilt for choice. You can only be limited by your budget and Imagination. Consult your flooring contractor for installation costs and workmanship.

Area Rugs

Sure, area rugs aren't technically flooring, but if you find some beautiful rugs, it doesn't really matter what kind of flooring you have underneath it. Area rugs make for easier cleanup; they allow you to easily change the style of the room; and they are much more affordable to replace than ruined flooring.

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