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Why Use Anti Fog Spray?

Anti fog spray is a spray you put on various glass or plastic surfaces to keep fogginess at bay. Investing in this type of product can be beneficial to you in many ways. Discover why you should use anti fog spray and what you can use it on.

The spray is useful

Fog is condensed water droplets that form on glass and plastic surfaces, such as oven doors, glasses lenses, goggles, car windows, and other surfaces. When you use anti fog spray, the water that would normally turn to fog and obscure vision is eliminated, improving visibility.

Items you can use anti fog spray on

There are many items you can use anti fog spray on. The spray is typically available in a spritz or spray can form that can easily be placed in a glove compartment, purse, or drawer in the home for easy access. Use anti fog spray for the following applications.


If you are going out on a rainy day or you will be snorkeling or enjoying the water, use anti fog spray on your glasses to keep condensation from obstructing your vision. Anti fog spray is safe to use on prescription lenses as well as ski and water goggles or even sunglasses.

Home Windows

You can put interior anti fog spray on interior home windows. The spray is ideal for kitchen and bathroom windows that fog up easily due to steam and temperature changes in the room. Anti fog spray eliminates water condensation so you can easily wipe your windows to keep them safe from water damage fog can cause.

You can also use anti fog spray on the exterior of oven and microwave glass windows so you can watch food as it cooks. Do not use the spray on the inside of the glass to avoid contaminating food or beverages. Consider anti fog spray on the outside of dishwashers and front-facing washing machines and dryers as well.

Car Windows

While a defogger for specific windshield and car window use is also on the market, you can keep anti fog spray in your car for emergencies to create a clear view when driving. Spray the anti fog spray on the interior or exterior window glass to make driving safer and give you greater visibility.

When using anti fog spray, always point the nozzle away from your face. You should read all the instructions before use so you handle this useful product safely.