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Turn Your Next Shopping Mall Trip Into A Memorable Day For The Whole Family

Taking a trip to your local shopping mall, such as Peninsula Town Center, with the entire family doesn't have to seem like a chore. Instead of trying to keep track of scrambling kids or breaking up arguments about where and how you'll shop, you can turn your next family shopping mall trip into a memorable day everyone is sure to appreciate. Here's how to do it:

Plan Some Free Time for Everyone

Instead of making everyone in the family take turns shopping for themselves, spend time shopping for household items together then allow each person to take some free time to shop for the stuff they personally want to buy. Give everyone an hour or so to shop for themselves and then meet at a common location when time is up so you can continue your shopping trip together. If there are younger kids in the group, pair them up with the older kids to ensure everyone's safety. And make sure that everyone who is responsible for making sure they meet up at the right time has a watch on.

Indulge in a Restaurant Meal

Spend some quality time around a meal together by visiting one of the many restaurants that are located inside your local shopping mall. The great thing about dining at the mall is that everyone can order their favorite meals without having to worry about ordering from the same restaurant menu. If one person wants Chinese food while everyone else wants pizza, you can make it happen. Your family meal is sure to enhance your overall shopping experience and give everyone something to remember other than standing in long lines to buy things.

Play a Few Shopping Games

Make your family's time at the shopping mall more exciting by playing a few games throughout the day. For example, you can choose an item from a store when you first arrive, then give everyone in the family a hint as to what and where it is. The first person to find and correctly identify the item you chose gets to choose the next store you'll shop at.

Or do a timed shopping event and assign everyone two or three items to purchase throughout the mall, then see who can get everything on their list and make it back to the car the fastest. Alternatively, let the kids come up with a game to play based on a few basic rules that you set for them. Playing games at the mall can become a shopping tradition for your family.