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Three Ways To Use Funko Pop Figures Around Christmas

If you're a fan of Funko Pop figures and other collectible figurines, it can be fun to look for different ways to incorporate your collection into everyday life. When you start to decorate your home in time for Christmas, there are lots of options for using these figurines that have a Christmas theme. For example, you can use figurines from classic and cartoon Christmas movies, as well as other figurines that depict celebrities in Christmas attire. Here are three fun ways for you to use these figurines around your home at Christmas.

As Tree Ornaments

It can be a lot of fun to amass a good-sized collection of Christmas-themed figurines and then look for different ways to include them as tree ornaments. The simplest way is to position them within the branches of your natural or artificial tree. If the tree branches are dense enough, you shouldn't have a problem getting the figurines to stay in place. If you really want to get creative, you could add an eye hook and an ornament hanger to the tops of several of the figurines so that you can hang them from your tree's branches.

Attached To Gifts

If you want to share your love of collectible figurines with people whom you know will appreciate them, consider buying some figurines and attaching them to peoples' gifts. While there's nothing wrong with wrapping a figurine in its box and giving it as a present, you can have some fun removing a figurine from the box and carefully taping it to the exterior of a gift for the person. The figurine could be a Christmas-themed one to suit the occasion, or it could just be something related to one of the recipient's interests — sports, music, movies, politics, or something entirely different.

In Displays Around The House

It can be fun to incorporate some collectible figurines in the different Christmas displays that you have around your house. There are virtually no limits other than how creative you want to get. For example, if you have a picturesque small town Christmas scene that includes a number of small buildings set up on an end table, you'll get some laughs by perhaps having the figurine of a popular superhero standing on the roof of one of the buildings. Or, if you have a display of Santa Claus and his reindeer, you might think about including a pop singer sitting in the sleigh beside Santa. This type of creativity will yield plenty of laughs from those who visit your home over the holidays.

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