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How To Throw The Ultimate Outdoor Football Party

As the professional football season primarily takes place in the fall, most people think of football watching parties as indoor events. However, hosting an outdoor football party can be really amazing, especially if you do so early in the season when it is still pretty warm outside. Here are some tips to help you create the most amazing outdoor football party ever.

1. Buy Giant Inflatables

A good way to get everyone into the football mood is to buy a few giant football inflatables. You can buy ones shaped like actual footballs, and some shaped like goal posts. You might even be able to find inflatables that are shaped like the mascots of your favorite teams or the teams that are playing. The inflatables can be purchased quite affordably on wholesale websites, but you will have to inflate them yourself. You can typically do so with an air compressor, which you can rent from a tool supplier if you do not have one of your own.

2. Smoke or Barbecue Some Foods

Barbecue may not be the most traditional of football foods, but it's definitely American, and it will help bridge the gap between an outdoor party and a football party. Plus, cuts like pork shoulder and beef brisket are large enough to serve a lot of people with little effort. If you do not have the equipment or know-how to barbecue yourself, just hire a catering company to provide the food. There are even companies with mobile smokers they can bring to your yard and use to cook on-site.

3. Screen the Game on a Projector

Obviously it is tough to watch the game on TV when you are outside. A good workaround is to play the game on a big projector against the side of a building. If your building is dark-colored, you can hang up a big sheet and project the game onto that. The picture won't be as clear as it would be on a television, but the novelty of watching football outside makes up for that.

4. Set Up Some Pickup Games

An outdoor football party is not just about the game you are watching. It is about football itself! To help people embrace this theme, make sure you set up a field where people can play some casual pickup games of football, or at least throw the ball around.

With the tips above, you can have an awesome football party -- outside! Contact a company that offers wholesale football inflatables and other part supplies in your location to learn more.