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Flip It Or Don't: Mattresses With Unique Features For Easy Use

Mattresses have come a long way from straw tick stuffed in burlap or feathers stuffed in a cotton sack. The poorer you were, the less of a mattress you had, and the richer you were, the more comfortable and soft your mattress was. Now, everyone can have a soft mattress, but there are so many different types and features to choose from. Here is a mattress buying guide based on the unique features of some mattresses that make these mattresses easier to use and easier to care for. 

The Flip Mattress with Pillow Top on Both Sides

Perhaps the ultimate in sleeping comfort is the mattress that has a thick, soft layer of padding on the top. It may be quilted, "memory" foam, or just very soft padding, but it is this layer on top that lends itself to the name of the type of mattress; pillow top. Better still are the mattresses that have a pillow top of duplicate appearance and comfort on both the top and the bottom of the mattress. At the end of every month, or at the beginning of each new month, completely flip the mattress over so that the bottom becomes the top and vice versa. The result is a mattress that wears out the same on both sides and constantly feels like the same mattress regardless on which side you are sleeping. 

The Memory Foam Mattress

The newest mattress foam in use is often referred to as "memory foam" because it conforms to your body and "remembers" the shape and weight of your body. As such, the foam always supports all of your pressure points, and it never wears out. It consistently springs back after you get out of bed, and immediately hugs all your curves and bumps when you climb back into bed. Some of these foam mattresses are also resistant to liquids, sweat, and bed bugs, making them a favorite of many customers. 

The Never-Flip Mattress

You might be wondering how any mattress that claims that you do not have to flip it could last. Mattresses wear out and leave indentations in the same spots in the bed if they are not flipped (or they are not "memory" foam). However, this type of mattress has stronger support where it counts, and reinforced side, foot, and head walls so that the mattress cannot be compressed or warped in shape over time. These features allow it to remain just as it is on your bed for the next five to ten years. 

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