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4 Tips For Traveling With A Luxury Handbag

Traveling with a designer handbag can seem scary. There is so much that could happen; the bag could get damaged or even stolen. Fortunately, there are some travel tips you can use to travel anywhere with your designer bag in tow. 

1. Pack for Protection

Make certain you pack the bag with protection in mind. First, make certain the bag is empty; even a small bottle of hand sanitizer that spills during travel can cause a major problem. Second, use a dust bag. The dust bag will help prevent any clothing items with bleeding fabrics from transferring onto the bag. Lastly, put the handbag with the dust cover around it inside another bag that you can close for an extra protective layer. 

2. Bring a Carryon

For air travel, never pack your luxury handbag in your checked luggage. Often, travelers don't discover that it's almost impossible to be reimbursed for items stolen from their luggage until it's too late because there's often no way to prove that the handbag was in the luggage in the first place. Pack the bag for protection as suggested, but keep it in your carry-on.

3. Check the Itinerary

Make sure you know what your travel plans look like. Luxury handbags are durable and made with quality in mind, but you also have to be smart. For example, if any part of your travel includes a water activity, such as boating or a day at the beach, you should pack another bag and leave your luxury bag in the room. The same is true for any outdoor adventures, as there are too many things that can happen.

4. Be Travel Savvy

Practice common sense when you travel. If you are traveling to a poverty-stricken or low-income area, it's not always in your best interest to bring the bag with you, as you could be a target for thieves. Carrying your favorite bag is never worth putting your safety in jeopardy. Additionally, when you leave the room, put the bag inside the safe. Similar to air travel, it's hard to prove that the bag was in the hotel room in the first place, so getting any reimbursement from the hotel will be a challenge. 

Keep these tips in mind as you travel to look great and protect your bags. To learn more about caring for luxury bags, such as Dolce & Gabbana bags, contact a retailer near you.