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Are You Giving A Gift To An Avid Traveler In Your Life? 3 Tips To Pick Out The Perfect Laser-Engraved Luggage Tag

Luggage tags are one of those practical gifts that you know someone will use when they love to travel. While people tend to be selective about their luggage, you can bet that they'll easily appreciate having a tag that makes it possible to retrieve their belongings if they get lost. Now that you've decided to give alaser-engraved luggage tag, you can use these three tips to find one that they'll love to see on their bags.

Think About Which Color Is Best

A luggage tag is useful even when a person has not lost their bags. For instance, you can choose brightly colored metal tags that make it easier for your gift recipient to spot their luggage at the baggage claim area. If you know what color their luggage is, then consider looking for an engraved tag that is made from a hue that complements their current set of baggage. Alternatively, you could go with their favorite color. If they tend to fall more on the conservative side, then you can still pick out an eye-catching black or silver tag that looks professional but stands out on their bags.

Consider Giving Them a Set

The majority of people need to take several bags with them when they travel. Even if your gift recipient travels light, they may have items such as a laptop bag, suit holder, or carry-on bag that may also need to have a tag. Ideally, even luggage that does not go into the checked baggage area should still be tagged to make it possible to recover it if it gets lost. A matching set of luggage tags means that your gift recipient can keep track of all of their bags while also creating a pulled-together look that makes it clear that they travel regularly. 

Choose What You Want to Say

A custom engraved luggage tag often comes with several options for creating a truly personalized gift. For instance, you might be able to select from several different fonts to add a touch of pizzazz to the tags. You'll also need to decide what types of information will be the most useful for the recipient to have on the tag. For instance, including a phone number or email address can make it possible for a person to retrieve their bags without having to wait for them to be shipped to their house. You might also be able to choose to have something engraved on the other side of the tag. Whether you choose a monogram, an image, or a simple saying, this is where you can make your thoughtfulness shine.