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An Educational Book Set That Can Be Used While Traveling

Taking a mid-season vacation may have you concerned about the type of curriculum that you will introduce to your child. Bringing along a book set and a plush companion that can be integrated into lessons or enjoyed during solo or group sessions may help your child ease into their modified lesson plans.

Book Types

Picture books or ones that contain printed words that coincide with an activity that will involve some writing can be selected based upon their similarity to the curriculum that is currently being used for your child's lesson plans. The amount of time that you will be driving or the various stopping points while en route to your destination may persuade you to purchase a set that contains several books that can be used to keep your child busy.

If your loved one has completed some written assignments and enjoys challenging activities, books that contain crossword puzzles, classification activities, or interesting questions may be more appealing than some that contain simple pictures and a minimal amount of words. Look for books that feature an animal mascot and storylines that coincide with everyday encounters.

For instance, a plush giraffe that is going to be included in each book can be a companion during the excursion and your child can place the toy next to them as they are attempting to complete one of the activities that pertain to the character. Visiting the zoo or a library or spending time walking around and observing the environment may be some of the adventures that are highlighted in the books and the animal mascot may be depicted on several pages of each one.


If your child will be spending some time reading alone, choose a plush animal and book style that will be easy to keep clean and that comes in a tote or box that will keep all of the components organized when they aren't being used. Modern plush toys are typically constructed of synthetic fibers that are machine and hand-washable. Board books that contain coated pages may come with dry-erase markers and a cloth.

These books can be used over and over and your youngster will be able to enjoy completing some of their favorite assignments on numerous occasions. For added interest, consider purchasing books that make sounds and light up or that contain some sensory materials, such as textured fabric pieces that are secured over cutouts and other parts of each page. 

For more information, contact a local children's toy store that offers products like giraffe plushies and children's book sets.