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Area Rug Ideas For A Beach House

Buying one or more area rugs for the rooms of your home can add style and comfort underfoot, but if you own a second dwelling, it's important to consider an area rug for this place, too. A beach house can often have stylish decor that ties into its waterside location. If you have a beach house that you enjoy decorating, you'll have fun shopping for an area rug that is a good visual fit. There are all sorts of designs that you can consider, including these three options.

Blue And White

A lot of people decorate the interiors of their beach houses with blue and white furniture and decor. These two colors are popular in this type of dwelling, which means that you may wish to shop for an area rug that features both blue and white. You'll have no trouble finding multiple options. For example, rugs that feature alternating blue and white stripes are popular, while you'll likely also be able to find a rug that features a checkered design with these two hues. Consider the exact shade of the blues that you have throughout the beach house to ensure that you find a rug that matches.

Nautical Images

If you want to go in a different direction, look for a rug that features nautical images. You may have some decorative pieces throughout your beach house with these images, which means that your rug will tie in well. For example, you can find a rug that depicts seashells, which can be a perfect fit if you have seashell-themed artwork in your beach house. Some rugs even picture landscape images — for example, a sand beach with a blue sky and some palm trees. This type of design will add a vibrant look to the room in which you place the rug.

Rope-Style Fringe

Whenever you shop for a rug, you'll need to decide whether you want it to have a fringe or not. There are advantages to both styles, but a fringe can often be a good choice when you're looking for a rug for a beach house. Ropes often appear in beach- and nautical-themed decorations, and you may have a few pieces throughout your beach house that have rope. If so, look for a rug in which the fringe looks like small lengths of rope. Provided that this type of rug also has an overall design that you favor, this can be a good addition to your beach house.