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Why Vintage And Antique Buyers Look For Vintage Costume Jewelry

In the vintage and antique jewelry world, most pieces are considered valuable due to the stones and metals used in their design. There are some pieces, however, that are valuable for other reasons. In fact, the stones and metals used in them are not valuable at all financially. These pieces are known as costume jewelry. Vintage pieces can be very valuable to vintage jewelry buyers, and here are some reasons why. 

Iconic Pieces

One of the reasons a vintage costume jewelry buyer may want certain pieces is due to iconic connections. For example, companies such as Liz Claiborne and Anne Klein came up with lines of costume jewelry. Liz Claiborne costume jewelry relied heavily on the signature triangle emblem used by the company. The Anne Klein company relied heavily on a specific design that featured the face of a lion. These earrings and necklaces featuring these symbols became icons for the time period, for fashion, and for the costume jewelry industry. 

Unique Designs

Vintage costume jewelry tends to follow a trend. That trend may be a certain metal, stone, or design. These designs can model off of a current more expensive design or be a unique artisan piece. Unique designs that were only popular for a short time or mimic a more popular brand design become sought after by collectors and buyers. Buyers can identify these design patterns and narrow down the jewelry to a time period, a specific year, and even an artist if the artist becomes well known for their artisan work. 


When you begin to follow the designs of specific costume jewelry, you may start to notice the major companies that run jewelry collections. These collections may be for a sports team, holiday, or season. They may also run a collection that is a tribute to other jewelry lines or decades of fashion. These collections can be valuable to the right buyers. The buyers in this case may be avid collectors who are missing one or two pieces of the collection. 

There are many reasons, in addition to these, that vintage costume jewelry buyers may want these types of pieces. If you have costume jewelry that is authentically vintage, contact a local buyer in your area. They will schedule a time to look at your costume jewelry pieces. During this meeting, they will make an offer for the jewelry and check the marks to ensure it is from a specific decade. This is also the time you can ask any questions you may have.