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Use Runner Rug Products To Upgrade Interior Spaces

Heavy foot traffic could dull hardwood floors or leave permanent scuff marks on them. Using runner rugs to cover 'busy' floor sections will preserve flooring, plus tone down the noise level associated with foot traffic. 

A Versatile Solution

A wide range of textiles are used to manufacture runner rugs. Machine-made rugs and hand-woven rugs will add a splash of color to the flooring. Runner rug manufacturers feature floor coverings that fit a wide range of budgets and personal styles.

A business owner can benefit from purchasing seasonal rugs. A series of colors and patterns that various rug products feature could be used to decorate interior office spaces at specific times of the year. Due to the versatility that runner rugs provide, both commercial property owners and residential property owners may find that runner rugs have a high use value.

Spacing Considerations

Runner rugs protect flooring, plus will shield floor trim and walls from damage. If you are seeking an effective way to cover flooring materials, plus protect the bottom of each side wall that is located in a hallway, measure the length and width of the space. This will provide you with dimensions that you can use when shopping for runner rugs.

If you would like to leave some of the flooring exposed in an area where a runner rug will be added, shop for a rug that is a smaller width and length than the space that you measured. A runner that will not be covering an entire section of flooring can be centered in the area that you have measured.

Padded Backings

Thick runner rugs will muffle the sound of foot traffic considerably. A thick rug may contain a padded backing. The padding will be sewn directly to the runner. A rubber backing or fabric padding can be laid directly against hardwood flooring.

Care Techniques For High Piles

Runner rugs are made of synthetic fibers or natural fiber strands. If you decide to shop for runner rugs that contain a high pile, you may need to use special cleaning strategies to care for the floor coverings that you purchase.

A thick pile that consists of knotted strands may require manual cleaning processes. Manual processes include spot-treating stained strands. A flexible brush or scrubbing pad can be used to work a cleaning agent deep into the fibers. Water should be used to rinse strands. Once a runner rug is clean, it can be hung up while it dries. 

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