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Key Advice For Purchasing Shungite Stones To Make Custom Jewelry

Shungite stones are rich in carbon and used a lot for healing purposes. If you plan on buying some to make custom jewelry, here are some insights that can help you succeed with this stone investment.

Select a Carbon Percentage Amount

An important distinction between shungite over other natural rocks found in this world is its carbon makeup. It can vary quite a bit and is something you want to focus on when purchasing this stone for custom jewelry purposes.

If you plan on using shungite for healing purposes, then it's probably a good idea to get as much carbon makeup as you can. In that case, the elite variety would be important to go after. Whereas if you just like the look of shungite and carbon isn't as much of a deal-breaker, then you can be a little more open to the shungite pieces you consider from sellers.

Consider Using Cutting Services

If you've never worked with shungite before, then it may be best to find a seller who offers cutting services. They can refine the shape and dimensions of shungite depending on what your custom jewelry needs are.

They have performed cutting for years and thus have this process down to a science, which is critical for getting optimal results and not wasting any shungite materials along the way.

You just need to find a shungite seller offering cutting services and then give your specific requests, so that they can customize this material and subsequently ship it in perfect form. That saves you a lot of extra work.

Look at Pictures Carefully When Purchasing Online

If you plan on buying shungite for jewelry purposes online, then you'll need to go through pictures to see exactly what type of shungite stones you're purchasing. Sellers should provide several pictures of each shungite stone they have in their inventory.

Then you just need to review the properties you see on display, including the size, luster, and overall shape of the shungite. These thorough assessments will make it a lot easier to purchase shungite stone that's perfect for your jewelry projects, whether it's making a necklace or bracelet featuring this black-colored stone. 

If you're looking to make custom jewelry, a stone you might consider incorporating into your pieces is shungite. It looks bold and has been known to provide healing effects. What you need to do is properly shop for this stone and find sellers you trust to source it. Then your jewelry projects can work out just fine.  

For more information, contact a local company that sells elite shungite stones.